Our Story

Our journey began when we moved to the Delphi area in 2010.  We lived very close to a beautiful brick colonial home with the most beautiful barn. That was where the dream began. We would dream about living in that gorgeous home someday but we didn't think there was any way that the family living there would be willing to sell it, so we simply continued to dream.

My husband, Jake, came from a farming family and had always wanted to give that life to our three young boys. Since that wasn't very realistic given our situation, he wanted to give them the next best thing. We knew that growing up in the country was a special gift that we could give our children. They would be able to explore, find beauty in the simple things, and experience the country life which my husband found so fulfilling while he grew up. We wanted to give our boys a country upbringing where they would be able to help raise livestock to eventually be able to show for 4H. We looked for about three years without any luck, but we refused to give up on our dream. And then one day, in February 2015, we received an email that would change our lives. We received news that the beautiful home that we had dreamed about was for sale.

The day we looked at the house, I fell in love with the home and knew this was our forever home. Then, when we walked out to the barn in the freezing cold, I will never forget this moment, as Jake pulled the doors open, I said, "Oh my goodness, Jake!! We could have weddings here."  It was never an idea or a plan before that very moment. I started sharing my ideas with Jake and he told me that this was something I had to do because he believed in my dreams to someday have that beautiful wedding and event venue.

And, now, here we are. We are blessed to be in our forever home where we can give our children a childhood that will hopefully instill good hardworking values in them and a place where I can fulfill my dreams of turning a barn into a place where many will share joyful occasions and where many laughs will someday be shared among friends and loved ones.