Barn History

The History of the Vintage Oaks Barn
We are so in love with the beautiful Vintage Oaks property and it's architecture. Our oldest son is a history buff and even though he is only nine years old, he has thoroughly enjoyed doing research on the property and it's original owners.

A History of Progression
Mr. Sibett, the original owner of the home, built the home on the property after fighting in the war of 1812. The original part of the house was built in 1837. it was then added onto in the late 1800's. The Davies were the next owners who then added onto the home in the 1980's.

A Time for Change
We have started tearing out plywood that had been put on some of the walls. it's so much fun to pull it off and see the beautiful barn. It's amazing when you think about how long it's been there. The house and barn were originally built in 1837 so there's so much rich history surrounding both the home and the barn! The barn is in amazing shape and it's incredible to think that it was built long before there were power tools or cars to help with the construction process. It was built so well that we don't have to make any structural changes to the property. We are finishing the second floor and making it a loft for more seating and we are also putting in new lighting along with an amazing chandelier that I can't wait to get up and post pictures of! We are putting in some new windows and another barn door for additional ventilation and more natural lighting.